Friday, January 25, 2008

Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated

The car I used to drive is what some would consider a text book example of a "clunker"1

Which is exactly what it was... is. The car has seen it's days, that's for sure. The roof used to leak bad enough there was a bucket on the passenger side floor when I bought the car. The bucket had only been there a day or 2 so all the water that leaked in had been soaked up by the gracious carpet flooring.
Still soaked to this day.2

The passenger side mirror was missing and the rear defroster wires didn't work.

Under the seats 4the metal is rusted so badly the previous owner sat d own in the driver's seat and the entire chair fell backwards in a fury of broken metal. Instead of driving like I have arms longer than my legs, I decided to prop the seat up.

I needed a device. After about a week of searching and thinking and using beer boxes and crushing laundry baskets... by a dumpster I saw it.
A night stand, perfect... I opened the back door, shoved this night stand into my car propping the driver's seat closer to the steering wheel than desired...
but it was better.

The breaks were squishy and the dome light/cigarette lighter/hazard switch... all didn't work. They all went out the same day.

The antenna was broken off so I only received AM stations... ick6

Oh, the heater didn't work either. Over the past month or so it's gotten pretty cold, cold enough for frost.
About a week ago I went outside to go to work... it was a fairly warm 30something degrees, but above freezing nonetheless.
All the cars in the parking lot were free of frost and happily blinding me with the reflecting sun.

Then you get to my car... no frost on any of the windows at all, smooth as glass. And then you open the door and step inside, closing the door behind you creates a trap of ice and chill.
Every window is covered with ice on the inside of the car. Without a heater/defroster, I own an ice scraper.. for the inside of the car.

I also own a 3 wick candle and a book of matches for the same reason.

The point of all that is I made purchase of a van! A shiny not new but new to me van!!!

1a 2a 3a4a 5a 6a 7a 8a Wall Van

It has heat, auto windows, a radio that works, and a remote key door locker thing