Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps.

On sunday I went and played for about an hour. I decided to practice the shot I mentioned previously... and as it turns out, I really do have an Achilles heel. I'm under cutting the long shots... slicing them right into the 2nd diamond. Damn.

I hate drills too.
Double Damn.

I'm going to do the double damned drills and get proficient at these damn shots, damnit.

Back in early November I played in a regionals qualifier... Single elimination. Lost my first game, 4-0... at least it was a good lesson... lesson learned, don't give him a shot.
He ended up not making it to the final table.

About an hour later the LO (League Operator) decided that we had enough time for another qualifier match before league started...
Since I lost my socks the first time around, I decided to put up another pair of knee highs.

We drew tables... I drew the same table... just so happened I drew the same guy, again.
I-Pod and all.

We start to play... this time I decide not to give myself any slack, and play the table... not the player.
So the first 2 games I lose fairly quickly.... then I win 1, then win another... before I knew it we were hill-a/hill-a

The LO wanders over and mentions that whoever takes this win has a serious chance of going to the final table... judging on how we're playing compared to the other players.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Devil's Advocate"? Well, if not... you should watch it. Anyhow, there's a part in there where the Devil guy is talking to tom cruise or whoever the actor is and says something to the effect of "under pressure some people focus... and other people fumble"
That's paraphrased, but you get the idea.

As it turns out I don't fumble... I focus.
I win... win again on the semi-final's table... now I'm waiting around for the other semi-final table to finish up so I can complete the qualifier.

On the final table is my team captain and some other guy. A race to 5... both are playin' pretty sporty... here I'm wondering if I'm going to play my team captain (whom I've never beat unless he was half in the bag) or this Random Yahoo that I've never met before.

No idea what the end score was between those 2, I mean... seriously... it was 3 months ago...
but I end up going against Random Yahoo

I win the lag but end up losing the first game... he breaks... 8 on the snap.
Bastard... he's already 2 up and it's only 2 racks in.

He breaks again, I miss my target... he misses but also scratches...... OPen Table... Ball in hand. Sweet.

I run 4 then safety, he kicks, good hit but gives the table back.
I clean up from there.
2-1... Random Yahoo

I break, make 1... same as last game, 3 or 4 then safety... works, I win


Early this session I was a lower level player... so this put me on the hill... and he still needed 3 games to go.

So I break again and come up dry but there's a cluster to mess with.
He starts dropping balls and with every drop the cue ball goes within inches of the cluster f---

Doesn't break anything out and misses what would have been a beautiful safety.
So I ran a few and leave him kissing the cluster with no other shot.

He swings... hopes... and misses. But it's a good hit....... too bad for him that I don't have a cluster to mess with.

2/3 - Rabbit

The point of this little story is that same day the LO gave me a post card thing to mail in so I can get a little "packet" regarding the regionals. I have about 2 months left before the packet is supposed to arrive... and I've still got the post card, I've even got a stamp on it, and I have it in my pocket...

God I'm a procrastinator.
I should resolute not to be.

Meh, Maybe next year.