Monday, January 28, 2008

League Started Last Week

I have league 2 nights a week. Same team members save 1 or 2 people... One night travels from bar to bar, and the other is an in house league (it doesn't travel)

So I went to play on Tuesday, straight from work... walked in, ordered a beer and let the cue stick warm to the temperatures of the room. After watching 2 practice games I was up.

I racked, his break came up dry with a good spread.. if you ignore 1 cluster. The stripes had a key ball that might break up the cluster... solids didn't.

I put down the 15.. then the 9.. then the 12.. then the 11 to break out the 14... then the 13 and came back around for the 14.

7 balls... 7 strokes... and I'm not exactly perfect on the 8, but it's a makeable cut. Has to be perfect though, otherwise it won't squeeze through the 1 and 6 gate 7inches from the 8ball.

So I shoot the 8, and leave it as a perfect hanger. Right dead center pocket.

He goes, plays safe behind a makeshift cluster.... I kick 3 rails, make the 8........ and the cue.

I lost.

Run the table, and lose on an 8ball scratch. Damnit man, damnit to hell.

At least I got the run :)

So this sets the pace for the night, and I play too aggressively and lose my match,

1-3 Bar Guy

Thursday night I started out strong on the practice table, and after about 3 racks I find that I'm unable to put together a 2 ball run.

I start playing the match, and I decide to play a little wiser.... and I win.

After finishing the 2nd rack the guy I'm playing starts telling me about how much his night has sucked. His car blew up, girlfriend dumped him, walked 2 miles in 5 degree weather, and his $1000 cue was stolen so he was borrowing his captain's $200 cue. Now, if you know me --at all--... then you already know I don't give a crap about anyone's sob story. So this guy telling me that his life sucks and the tears keep refilling his beer before the waitress- doesn't affect me at all. As a matter of fact, I remember saying "Wow, that sucks. Ready for the next rack?"

3-0 Rabbit

Tomorrow night is another league night... we have a new player on the team. Someone I've never met before, but seems like he'll make things interesting.

Time will tell