Thursday, February 14, 2008

An exciting Week (for me)

When I'm at work... I'm bored.
Very bored.

I have a small table of green felt that I purchased at some store for $2.99.
Other than that, it's a pretty boring cell of cubical likeness.
Extremely bored... so I make things.

I made this today: Hoover2

It's a hovercraft... sorta

It's not efficient enough to actually transport anything, but it can move all on it's own Balloon... CD... adhesive... you know, the usual.


Lately I've been working on a new (to me) shot... basically a lot of top or bottom english with a bit of side. We're talking 10-11... 1-2, or 4-5:30 o'clock... Nothing fancy, but the actual shot is using the side english to throw a ball into a pocket, and still get the planned follow or draw.

I played on Thursday night... it was a much more accurate show of talent/skill.
I played a first timer... a New Guy to the league... so it was a race to 3.
In about 8 swings he was 2 games up, and I realized that I was trying to run the table every chance I got.
It's curious playing people who have never played league before. They're nervous (usually). But the part I enjoy is thinking they could be a pro in the making... and no one knows.
Or they could be a person that knows which end of the stick to hit the cueball with, and understand the other balls are supposed to go in the pockets... annnnd that's about it.

So in the 3rd game I had a hill to climb, and I knew I wasn't looking forward to missing because this New Guy was a decent shot
I started playing safe after safe until I had 2 solids on the table, and he had the 8. I saw a chance to win the game if he went for it.
The 8 was sitting near the side pocket, but you could make it in only from certain angles... Basicly that half of the table. I had a very makable (it's a word, "makable".. sure it is) ball on this end of the table. So I play safe but leave the shot wide open... he goes for the 8 in the corner, scratching in the side. Perfectly as planned.

won the first, then I won the 2nd rack.
Now we're sittin' pretty at hill-hill.

1I break, make nothing and he chooses solids... I couldn't blame him. I had a tough cluster to break out, and I didn't see any easy way to go about it.
So he makes a few, I make a few, he makes a few and misses on the 5, leaving it near the 8. He leaves me down table near my cluster and 1 other stripe I still have sitting out in the shade.
Immediately I see the opportunity for a break out, but I'm set up to miss the pocket if I miss the draw for the break out. A careful shot, so then I decide to 2look for a lockup safety. Lapping around the table I realize all his are out in the open... I don't see any safeties to my satisfaction.
So I play for the break out... I have to hit the 12 JUST BARELY to the left in order for the draw to come back in the right direction... doing this will miss the pocket by a nipple... so I add some right english to make the ball.

Works perfectly, and I run out.


Match is mine.

3-2 Rabbit

The best part about the end of the 3rd game is everyone was watching.
My Cap'n was, the rest of my team was, his cap'n was watching because he just finished giving a coach to my opponent, the table next to us was watching (I was in their way, so they paused).... oh MAN did that feel grand.

For the actual cuetable, click here.