Friday, February 15, 2008

Amoeba's are more intelligent than customers.

On Tuesday night, I played another league game.
Playing a race to 3... he needed 4 games.
He got up 3 games... then I caught up 2, then he beat me in the end.

I lost focus.
Completely and totally lost focus.
There were 4 different shots that I could have taken to avoid selling out, but instead I decide to remove the 1 possible safety... and sell out.

2-4 Guy that didn't lose focus

Last night was league night... and I didn't play. So I'll mark that up as a Bye week.

On a MUCH better note... SPORE!!!!!

I've been waiting on this thing for more than 2 years now... They've released a ... release date.
and now I only have some odd 6 something months to wait, pending further postponement.

You start out as a single celled organism in a small droplet of water... through eating and avoiding death you get points. With these points you can upgrade your plankton. Like a spike for eating or grow fins for better movement, etc. After upgrading your little guy you get to move up in the world and create a creature. Over time you develop your creature in each and every way shape and form that you desire. 6 arms 8 eyes and a tail... don't forget a mouth though.

After surviving long enough, you can choose to move out to land... or create bubbles and stay under water. Create a tribe, then a civilization, cities, countries, eventually a planet of various creatures of your own creation. Then build yourself a UFO, fly to another planet... and abduct their creatures and take them back to your place. See if they'll survive... if so, maybe you'll end up cross-breeding. Who knows.

The game is set up to create it's own creatures that will give a challenge to each of your goals. For instance... You're trying to run around and collect food... it'll randomly generate some baddies that you have to kill, or be killed. And you say "but I created my guy with TONS of armor, and a hell of a lot of WEAPONRY!! I can kill EVERYTHING" The game will make a T-Rex that will smash your little guy.

You can start random wars, you can get attacked. You can make friends... beautiful day.

Sept. 7, 2008
Here's a quick clip that gives a good impression of the "little guy" editor

.... and jesus I can't wait.
Awesomeness, in a CD size game

I work in Technical Support, and some days it's ok... like the other day when it was -5 degrees after wind chill. I'm ok with not doing construction to pay the bills.

Other days, I want to kill myself... and take 3 quarters of the nation with me. In the future I'll randomly give examples of calls that I will probably end up in jail as a result of.

Come along with me on this journey of frustration.

Customer: I need to print a receipt for a refund I did earlier. Then send the print out to my customer.

Woe is me: Ok, go into ticket search and find the refund ticket you'd like to print out.

Customer/Caller: Ok, I found it.

Woe is me: Alright, go ahead and double click on it to open the details. Now at the bottom, there's going to be a "print" option... go ahead and click on that.

Customer/Caller: Print? or configure?

Woe is me: Print. (Configure... what?)

Customer/Caller: Ok

Woe is me: Now in the upper left hand corner, put a check mark in "print receipt," and remove the check for "print invoice."

Customer/Caller: Ok

Woe is me: Now click on Execute at the bottom.

Customer/Caller: I have execute, output invoice, and escape.

Woe is me: Click Execute.

Customer/Caller: it says "are you sure you want to print a copy of this invoice? Yes or no?"

Woe is me: If you click no, it won't print out. (did you read the question?)

Customer/Call: my printer's making noise? Is it supposed to do that?... Oh ok, it's my invoice. It's the original sale.

Woe is me: ummm... ok. When you were in ticket search, did you double click on the refund, or something different?

Customer/Caller: I opened the original sale.