Monday, December 31, 2007

Mullets aren't always winners

To the left... we have a balanced diet... take note.

Another league night was ... last night. And as it turns out, I'm a retard.
I was on the hill... only one 8 ball to go and I've won the match.

I had the 5 in the corner (which I rattled 2 strokes prior) and then the 8 (about the middle of the table, but close to the side) and that would take the game... the match... yey.

So I hit the 5 with deep draw... the 5 drops to the center of the pocket as predicted... the cue ball, with huge back spin... quickly grips the felt... climbing straight back to my cue... I pick up my bridge/stick/self allowing room for the cueball to drift into position on the 8...
instead it drifts flawlessly into the side pocket.

This is the part where my subconscious took over. It sees the 8 ball... and the rock in the pocket... and my subconscious decides FOR ME that I had lost this rack... let's go again. So I grab up the 10 and the 12 (other player had the 10, 12, 8) and I'm about this close to grabbing the 8 ball and setting up a new rack, when I realize I didn't actually lose the game. I just committed a ball in hand foul, but I haven't lost the god damned game!

So I informed my opponent that he has ball in hand, and can replace the 10 and 12 ball where ever he likes.
He ends up rattling the 8, so I win the game/match/night.
3/0... I'm a winner
my team started the night in 3rd place... so chances are we're goin' to the play offs... we'll see.

If you play pool, you know when you're on... you're on.
You could run the table and make a grilled cheese sandwich at the same time you're so f***in' on.
Well... I was on.
I played for fun against someone that would usually beat me senseless... instead it felt like I beat up on some little kid... the usual better player ate my socks.

Word to me winning.