Friday, December 28, 2007

Pay for your gas or lose your ID

Last night I filled up on gas... and saw these instructions how to pay... Hilarious

Last night was league night.

I play 3 nights a week... 2 of those nights I go straight from work, and have pretty much zero time to warm up. So I'm playing matches cold.
I usually play better when playing against players of a better skill level... I tend to focus more... care about my shots more... etc.

Last night I played a skill lever 1 lower than mine. Here's how all that went...

- I won the lag, broke empty, she made a few nice shots, and I made a few nice F*** ups... 1 giving her ball in hand which she ran out from.
- The 2nd rack she broke, a solid dropped, we went back and forth... she's a pretty agressive player that leaves herself with shots that didn't need to be as difficult as they were.
With this in mind I played some "oops, I meant to make that" safety's. Parking the stripe in the jaws or nearer the pocket in general, but leaving her a tough bank or kick.

Didn't work, I lost my socks... 2/0

This win put the other team into the play-offs and that's totally fine with me. They're a good bunch of people who are out to have a great time... not out for competition.
On the other hand, I am out for the competition... and then for fun.
In that order.

So losing sucked, but I knew we weren't going to be anywhere near first or 2nd place so it didn't bother me at all last night.
For me, that's weird.