Friday, April 17, 2009

Give it up IRS... Taxes are over rated

"People need to take a risk with their life and live it. Otherwise they just sit around thinking they're living a fulfilled life, when really they're just waiting to die."
-- Myself when I was hungry


It's that time again... time for another blog post.

I'll say I gave up blogging for lent... but I don't practice Christianity, so that isn't true. But we're going to go with it anyways...

So over the past 97 weeks that I haven't posted, I've been playing very good pool.

As a matter of fact I've been playing well in every way... league, tournaments, gambling...
I'd say it's a hot streak, but I'm not sure since it's lasted longer than a week.

7 weeks of league without a single loss, sweet f'in' apples.
1 tourney that I placed in the money. Also my first tourney to place in the money... extra sweet.
1 tourney I placed one out of the money... damnit, so close.
money games that keep the action alive and I enjoy it more than league.

My league team is doing quite well this session... tied for first, until this most recent Tuesday, now we're tied for 2nd... and next week is play offs.

It's not a sanctioned league or anything so there's no Vegas in the future... at least not a league paid trip.

So far, this is probably the most favoriteststststtst league that I've played on/in. The people are fun, the games are challenging because the handicap is done right (listen up APA!)

The matches are serious enough to apply a little pressure, but overall the players really don't care win or lose, first or last place.
The other players on my team are excellent; I really enjoy playing with them week to week... I learn something every week... and I look forward to playing league (I know.. I know.... sappy) every day of the week until Tuesday rolls around.

anyway... enough with the sap.

A good friend of mine and I have been discussing doing some weekend projects (completely non-pool related) so you may see some of that here in the future... don't be surprised.
What we have in mind is exploring old abandoned buildings and such... take some pictures... and ultimately not go to jail.

And to keep it pool related... I've been watching...

The most common 8 ball shot by us hacks out there... is something pretty close to what you see in the diagram.

A lot of racks the 8 ball barely moves, then towards the end of the rack the player will either under hit it trying for the corner pocket leave but end up leaving a straight shot into the rail.... or over hit it trying to leave a shot for the corner... and end up with the same crap as before.

Either way... screwed.

So get out there... pay attention... and then get yourself familiar with this shot, it comes up more than you think... and WAY more than we want.

Depends on the angle... but the scratch shot is always avoidable with a little top or bottom.

Personally.... the bank is the most risk... but it's most playable, depending on the table.


Samm said...

Just passing through. Love the blog!